Ministry of Media - Saudi Arabia

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Minister Office
Communicating with the Office of His Excellency the Minister of Media
External Media
is responsible for organizing foreign media coverage of events and events…
Agency of Cultural Affairs
specializes in all local cultural activities, heritage and folklore as well…
International Cultural Relations
is concerned with coordination with cultural conventions, programs and cultural activities…
Copyright Department
To protect the rights of authors and works, to respond to complaints, to make claims and to arbitrate between adversaries
is responsible for following requests for web site authentication and blocking and unblocking requests
Books &Publications Clearance
To manage internal information tracking and to issue surveys on publications…
Administration of Media License
To manage internal media tracking and to issue media licenses, supervise…
Portal Development and E-Services
is responsible for building and monitoring all electronic systems and the…
In case the required specialization is not included within the listed…

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