Ministry of Media - Saudi Arabia

• Internal media agency

These departments are responsible for the printing and publishing system and what they receive.

• External media agency

The importance of this agency in a several responsibilities

• Ministry of cultural affairs agency

This agency concerned in organizing the conferences and ministerial meetings.

• International cultural relations agency

This Agency responsible for organizing and supervising many events.

• Ministry of planning agency

This agency has an important role in its preparation of the annual general plans that ensure the achievement of the objectives of the Ministry.

• General directorate of information technology agency

This directorate transform the message of the Ministry of Information into all the Ministry's operations.

• General directorate of financial and human resources affairs agency

It considered as a fundamental pillar of each governmental sectors. It is specialized in all administrative matters of the employee, including the decisions and achievements.

• Directorate of legal affairs

Study the issues that referred to the Minister, the Ministry's agents or the directors.

• Internal Audit Department:

It works to on the internal control systems.

• Engineering Affairs:

The Engineering Sector is the backbone of its efforts to develop to delivering radio and television broadcasts to various places in Saudi Arabia and the world.

• King Fahad cultural center

The role of this Center in achieving the goals that are the core part of the objectives of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

• International communication center

The International Communication Center is considered as a source of information in Saudi Arabia and it is a link between the Kingdom and the international media.

• Commission for audiovisual media

It aims to contributing in promotion and development of the Saudi economy and society as well.

• Saudi broadcasting corporation

It aims to convey the message of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world.

• Saudi press agency

The Agency carries out its functions, publishes news in English, French, Chinese, Russian and Persian language. Also, exchanging information with regional and international press agencies.